Family house for sale – Realtorlawyers

A 2-storey house built in 1984 is for sale in the heart of Mátyásföld (Budapest District XVI), in a great location, ready to move in, with 2 terraces and a balcony and with a large garden. The area was built in those days typically with semi-detached houses, but the owner of the property has 1/1 […]

What you should know about the Vacation Statement

Sometimes we hear about cases, typically, in connection with subleases, where the property is not vacated even after the termination of the lease agreement. With a failed vacation, the owner of the property is in a difficult situation, which may prevent him/her from letting out again or selling his/her property. Anyone who thinks ahead even […]

The new Land Registry Act and the e-identity card

As from the 1st of October 2024 Act CXLI of 1997 on the Land Registry that is currently in force will be replaced by Act C of 2021 on the Land Registry, which will bring serious changes to the real estate registration procedure. The key to digitalizing the land registry will be the E-ING [E-LAND […]